KeepFit Calf Massager (Pair Set)

KeepFit Calf Massager (Pair Set)


- Air compression massage

- Human simulation massage

- 3 massage modes with 2 intensity levels

- 2 heating levels

- Cordless & portable


• 【Air compression massage】Embedded airbag simulates human massage for relieving muscle soreness, removing swelling and refining leg shape.

• 【3 massage modes with 2 intensity levels】3 massage modes including pushing & pulling, pinching, and kneading, with 2 intensity levels: low-pressure intensity and high-pressure intensity levels, offer various massage experiences for different needs. 

• 【2 heating levels】Equipped with 2 heating levels (38°C and 45°C), provides warm massage for your legs to improve blood circulation and relieve fatigue.

• 【Soft, adjustable, cordless & portable】The wrap is made of linen which is soft and breathable. Use Velcro bonding method to make the size and intensity adjustable to fit your foot. Wireless and portable, allows bringing it along to anywhere. Can be used as a single or as a pair. 

• 【International Safety Certification】Has passed RoHS, FCC, CE-EMC certifications providing a safe, stable and durable massager with multiple protections.


An ideal family masseur 

It is convenient to use, with simple and stylish design. This product massages the calf muscles by air compression. Heating function helps to eliminate calf swelling, relieve muscle soreness after exercise, and is effective for leg shaping, etc. 



The calf massager forms circulation pressure by inflating and deflating of the airbags, uniformly squeezes the calf, dilates blood vessels, improves blood supply, and enhances tissue vitality.


Who need this calf massager?

• People who stand, walk or sit for a long time

• People who often wear high heels

• People who have poor circulation

• Middle-aged and elderly people

• People who often do exercise


How to use:

1. Separate the sticking part, so that the product is fully unfolded.

2. Tie the massager to the calf, make sure that the power button is facing up, and then adjust the tightness.

Note: can be used across clothing.

3. Long press the power button for power on, the buzzer will make a long sound and then the product will enter C1 (Pushing & Pulling) mode, at the same time, the battery indicator will light up the corresponding LED light according to the current battery level.

4. Press the mode button to switch mode, defaulted at C1 (Pushing & Pulling) mode, press the mode button to switch to C2 (Pinching) mode, and press again to switch to C3 (Kneading) mode, then press again to switch back to C1 (Pushing & Pulling) mode, mode button function in circulation. The buzzer has a prompt sound while switching the mode.

5. Press the temperature button to switch the heating mode: in turn: low-temperature heating (38°C) – high-temperature heating (45°C) – turn off heating. On the temperature display screen, L stands for low-temperature heating state, H stands for high-temperature heating state, and the non-heating state does not display. While switch the heating states, the buzzer will make a beep as a reminder, when the heating is turned off, make two.

6. When operating, press the power button to switch the pressure intensity mode: in turn: low - high - low. On the intensity display screen, 1 stands for low pressure intensity, 2 for high pressure intensity. While switching the intensity, the buzzer will make a beep as a reminder.

7. After started, the default running time is 30 minutes. When the time arrives, the buzzer makes a long sound, and then the product will shut down.

8. In the charging state, the product does not work. When USB power is connected, the four white LED lights flicker in turn. After fully charged, the four LED lights state turn on.


Package accessories: 

• Calf massager x 2

• Charging cable x 1

• User manual x 1



Product Name: Calf Massager (Pair Set)

Item Code: KF0001

Power: 7.5W

Voltage: DC 5V

Output Currrent: 1.5A

Charging Time: ~5-6 hrs

Usage Time: ~2-5 hrs

Battery Capacity: 2600mAh

Timer Control: 30mins

Heating Temperature: 38°C / 45°C

Product Size: 59 x 35 x 2.5cm

Product Weight: ~400g (1 piece)
Product Weight: ~400g (1 piece)

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